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Software Quality Assurance Thought Leaders

Talented QA professionals using best practices and best processes to advance the QA industry
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Company Profile

In today’s day and age where most people are technologically savvy, your software is assuredly under constant scrutiny. Meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations requires a proven quality process, a process that supports the unique goals and needs of your organization.

SQA² can help you define and implement that effective software quality assurance process. We can also demonstrate that a better software QA process leads to more satisfied customers, shorter time-to-market and lower support/maintenance costs.

Our Focus

Effective QA is built on process, people and tools. It must also be driven by context, your environment, culture and existing processes.


Documented procedures to guide and support users of the methodology.


Management leadership, training and support for all participants.


Used to support (not replace) the process.

Mission Statement


Providing thought leadership in the practice of software quality assurance.


Implementing best practices and procedures of software quality assurance on client projects.


Providing training to Software Quality Assurance practitioners.

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