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When Offshore Software QA Backfires

Saving a few dollars per hour isn’t worth the pain
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Offshore QA often fails to deliver to goals because of hidden issues:
  • Miscommunications
  • Slower cycle time
  • No incentive for efficiency
  • Lower product quality
  • IP protection laws overseas
SQA² local QA teams outperform:
  • On-site with your team
  • Scalable & skilled augmentation
  • In lock-step with your sprints
  • Reusable test automation assets are created in parallel
"Humans clicking buttons to find bugs gets a project done but is not an asset. SQA² makes quality into an asset with scalable, repeatable code-based testing. Beyond that, SQA² upscaled and mentored our own team and that’s truly lasting value." - Jody Mulkey

In their insightful and influential Harvard Business Review article published more than a decade ago, “Beyond Products: Services-Based Strategy.” changed the thinking about nonvalue-added activities, paved the way for outsourcing, and set the stage for offshoring.

However, not all tasks are simply sent offshore. Companies have often found offshoring backfires as quality suffers and communication problems spiral. Companies find that the more complex the task, the more that can go wrong – and software QA is nearly always complex. A gap in understanding is created between the teams. When you train someone to do a complex but specific task, as soon as there is a variation the testers get confused and problems begin. Adding rapid, agile development cycles throws gasoline on the fire.

Further, there’s often a fundamental incompatibility in the goals of your company and the offshore QA team. Your mission is to develop software quickly, with low errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Your offshore QA company is paid to deliver the cheapest hours possible resulting in high turnover, repeatedly starting with new members unskilled in your software, and managed by a company unmotivated to find efficiency in better processes and creation of automated tests suites.

We’re the Experts in QA

Southern California expert software quality assurance teams offer state-of-the-art services to deliver continuous testing for demanding software projects in web commerce, mobile, data analytics, health care and banking.

For nearly a decade, George Nunez and the team at SQA² have worked to perfect the processes that deliver the highest levels software quality testing in partnership with their customers. Helping Ticketmaster, Honda and many others in the LA area, SQA² has created a streamlined, hybrid management model that embeds process experts and project management on the customers site, with scalable automated management systems and trained teams of test and test automation specialists at the nearby SoCal Center of Excellence. With a strong ethos of uplifting customers’ in-house capabilities, George and his team deliver advanced processes and automation tools that allow close partnerships with their customer necessary to deliver fast and continuous high-quality software with scalable, reusable test assets.

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