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State of the Art Software QA for Southern California

Upscale your teams with our experts
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Software QA is vital but an in-house team often falls short for demanding projects
  • Time to market is critical
  • Failures are not an option
  • QA must match fast, agile development processes
  • QA team size must surge up and down with project phases
SQA² uplifts your team
  • Integrated experts on-site with your dev team
  • Scalable, trained local resources
  • Reusable test automation assets are created in parallel
  • Automated test assets and process are delivered to you
"SQA² continuous QA provides us with very modern, automated testing. We use a CI/CD process, as soon as the code is committed, it runs immediately. Each quick sprint ends with zero bugs." - Stuart John

Software is at the heart of delivering vital, measurable capabilities to nearly every department in every company.   You need to built it quickly and it must be free of bugs.  As development methodology has shifted to continuous deployment, QA needs to upscale to match development agility with fast, continuous testing. 

  • We offer a hybrid model with on-site QA experts, mature proven processes and management tools to uplift your team skills quickly and deliver re-usable test assets, while unloading the management burden from product teams.
  • Our experts work on-site with your project team to refine processes, coordinate schedules and direct automation development.
  • Nearby trained teams develop automation, scale up and quickly and execute test procedures on timelines to match your project releases.
  • Advanced test automation is engineered in parallel to capture reusable, delivered automated assets.

We’re the Experts in QA

Southern California expert software quality assurance teams offer state-of-the-art services to deliver continuous testing for demanding software projects in web commerce, mobile, data analytics, health care and banking.

For nearly a decade, George Nunez and the team at SQA² have worked to perfect the processes that deliver the highest levels software quality testing in partnership with their customers. Helping Ticketmaster, Honda and many others in the LA area, SQA² has created a streamlined, hybrid management model that embeds process experts and project management on the customers site, with scalable automated management systems and trained teams of test and test automation specialists at the nearby SoCal Center of Excellence. With a strong ethos of uplifting customers’ in-house capabilities, George and his team deliver advanced processes and automation tools that allow close partnerships with their customer necessary to deliver fast and continuous high-quality software with scalable, reusable test assets.

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