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IT News / 08 November, 2017


Check out this insightful post from our friends at Bizz Technology Today regarding Blockchain technology! View the original post here. “Blockchain will do the same to banking what the internet did to media” seems to be the phrase this year. In fact, like the internet was the first native digital medium for information, blockchain is the first native […]

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General / 06 September, 2017

5 QA Cornerstones in BI

BI teams, product owners, and end users across a wide range of companies rely on BI tools in differing ways. Their goals are unique to how they use the tool and what the business is trying to accomplish with the data they collect. The development team is responsible for bringing the tool to life, meeting […]

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Advice Center, Automation / 18 August, 2017

Upgrade Your Automation Project with CSS Selector and Custom Attributes

Element selectors for Selenium WebDriver are one of the core components of an automation framework and are the key to interaction with any web application. In this review of automation element selectors, we will discuss the various strategies, explore their capabilities, weigh their pros and cons, and eventually recommend the best selector strategy – custom attributes with CSS selector. Selenium Element Selectors Choosing […]

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