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Enabling Quality to the Healthcare Industry

QA that promotes delivery
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SQA² uplifts your team
  • Integrated experts on-site with your dev team
  • Scalable, trained local resources
  • Reusable test automation assets are created in parallel
  • Automated test assets and process are delivered to you
  • Support HIPAA compliance and FDA certification
Healthcare QA expertise in:
  • Healthcare application implementation
  • Regression testing supporting new releases
  • Portal Development testing
  • EDI Testing
  • Interface / API Testing
  • Reporting / BI Implementation Testing

In creating a new healthcare solution within a fast paced environment it was important for us to work with a team of SQA professionals who would care about the team, the solution, and our vision. The dedication, passion, and commitment we received from SQA² was exactly what we needed to build a world class solution. I would happily choose SQA² again particularly for a healthcare solution."

- Gary Manning - CEO, Gaido Health

Healthcare organizations recognize that their healthcare application implementation is vital to their business success. SQA²’s purpose is to enable that delivery at the highest level of quality.

Software test teams with the experience to handle complex healthcare specific applications, complex test suites, and regulatory requirements are difficult to assemble. Without expert quality testing, your mission-critical and fast-moving projects miss release dates, have rollbacks and occasionally end in catastrophe. We’re here to help. SQA² partners with customers to fill in the gap in software testing. You decide on the technical direction of your implementation, we’ll integrate our test experts with your team. SQA² brings the test expertise, scalable bench of trained team mates, and re-usable tools to automate the testing of your application implementation. Better than simply execution, we’ll integrate best practices into your organization for long lasting impact.

We’re the Experts in QA for the Healthcare Industry

Southern California expert software quality assurance teams offer state-of-the-art services to deliver continuous testing for demanding healthcare implementation, including new implementation, regression testing of new releases, EDI testing, Interface / API testing, reporting and BI implementation testing.

For nearly a decade, the team at SQA² have worked to perfect the processes that deliver the highest levels software quality testing in partnership with their customers. Helping CareMore Healthcare, Oshi Health, Gaido Health, Emilie Scientific and many others in the Southern California area, SQA² has created a streamlined, hybrid management model that embeds process experts and project management on the customers site, with scalable automated management systems and trained teams of test and test automation specialists at the nearby SoCal Center of Excellence. With a strong ethos of uplifting customers’ in-house capabilities, the SQA² team deliver advanced processes and automation tools that allow close partnerships with their customer necessary to deliver fast and continuous high-quality software with scalable, reusable test assets.

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