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Developing People. Building Teams.

Augment your existing teams with our highly trained QA professionals
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Build Effective QA Teams

Over the years, SQA² has focused on developing strong Quality Assurance Professionals in order to help you build effective, efficient, and highly qualified QA teams. We optimize your existing teams, or help you build a new one with our accumulation of QA Architects, QA Engineers, and QA Analysts.

We work with you to provide you with the people you need, when you need them, so you can focus on other areas of your business. Start working with us today!

Optimize Your Team With Our Expertly Trained QA Professionals

Expertly Trained QA Professionals

  • QA Professionals ready now to come on site and add value to your project.
  • Seamless integration with your existing development team.
  • Reduce the stress of finding QA Professionals on your own.
Our comprehensive training program creates expert QA professionals specializing in areas including:
  • Test Automation
  • Multiple Programming Languages
  • Test Planning and Management Strategies and Tools
  • Agile/Scrum Methodology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • Web Services Testing
  • Front end UI Testing
  • Regression Testing

Rely on Our Software Quality as a Service (SQaaS)


For maximum flexibility, we offer a local, off-site, service, that consists of an effective team of QA professionals, focused on providing you with the following:

  • Cost Savings
    Often competitive with, if not lower than offshore rates
  • Resource Flexibility
    Existing QA teams can quickly request additional SQaaS resources to accommodate the fluctuating demands of a project
  • Based in the United States


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