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Effective Process for Quality Enterprise Software

Reliable and structured process for your
expanding organization
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Effective QA Process

SQA² has many years of experience in establishing effective and instrumental quality assurance methodologies and processes. Our established processes will help you make tough decisions during your software development life cycle. This will lead to fewer production rollbacks and efficient development efforts.

Foundations of Effective QA Process:

Clear Requirements

  • We work with your product stakeholders to make sure their requirements are actionable, testable, and understood by the entire team.
  • We will provide you with reasonable expectations and help to identify new service level agreements.
  • Effective SLAs will help prevent conflicting or inconsistent requirements.

Standardized Communications

  • Effective communication is a hallmark of any team.
  • Our standardized team communication eliminates requirement assumptions and fosters a sense of team collaboration.

Team Cohesion

  • Our communication process will bridge relations between teams, which will increase efficiency.

Data-Driven Process Improvement

  • We capture key performance indicators to help you make informed decisions and reduce risk.
  • We help organization growth by standardizing processes and identify new opportunities to implement improvements to refine the process.
  • We standardize your organization's processes, leading to less friction as your organization grows.
  • We use data to continuously identify opportunities to refine your processes.

Organization Growth

  • We help you standardize your organization's processes, leading to growth within your organization.
  • We also help you further refine your processes by identifying new opportunities to implement improvements.


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