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Effective Test Automation, Delivered

Years of experience and expertise leveraged to your advantage
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More Effective Test Automation

At SQA², we deliver high value test automation that helps prevent any possibility of a migration back to exclusive manual testing. This kind of automation guarantees the consistent high quality test coverage and return on investment that you are looking for.

Test Automation Framework

Leveraging Our Experience

  • Best Practices
    SQA² expertise and experience in test automation can help you avoid reinventing the wheel.

Building a New Framework

  • Experience
    SQA² has implemented numerous automation frameworks in a variety of languages, using a variety of automation libraries and tools.
  • Choice
    You choose the technologies; we build, test and deploy the new framework based on your requirements.

Using SQA²’s Keyword Automation Framework

  • Selenium Webdriver
    SQA² will provide you a proven and successful test automation framework that utilizes Selenium Webdriver APIs with a keyword approach to building automation scripts.
  • For Non-Programmers
    We help your team create automation scripts that are effortless to maintain.

Using Behavior Based Testing (BBT)

  • Maximum Test Coverage
    BBT is a process-based approach that leverages combinations of specified application behaviors to maximize your test coverage and code reusability, while simultaneously minimizing your overhead and management costs of test automation.
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Regression Testing

  • Automated and Consistent
    Effective regression testing involves automated tests, which SQA² can provide you with our test automation expertise. Using any of SQA²’s automation solutions will instantly provide you with a means to deliver critical and consistent testing prior to deployments.


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