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Do you need experienced QA Experts and Engineers On Demand?

Optimize Your QA Team With Our Expertly Trained QA Engineers, Analysts, and Architects.

QA Support On Demand

When your software project needs QA expertise and there is no time to waste, SQA² can provide high-quality QA engineers, on demand.

Easy Integration

SQA² experts integrate into your project team, designing tests and processes that align in-cycle with your development schedule.

World-Class Processes

Using world-class processes, automating regression testing and test management, SQA² can help you ship the highest quality products at the speeds your project demands.

Based in the United States


How We Provided Urgently Needed QAs/QEs On Demand

A leading company in the event ticketing industry faced a critical challenge with the upgrade of their ticket validation software ahead of a major sporting event, the season opener. Unfortunately, they found themselves understaffed with their QA team and under tight deadlines.

We swiftly mobilized a team of experienced QE professionals. Leveraging our deep expertise and agile onboarding process, we seamlessly integrated into their existing team, quickly grasping the project requirements and aligning with their objectives.

Through our timely intervention and collaborative efforts, the company successfully delivered the ticketing software well in advance of the sport’s season opening. Our seamless integration into their team not only alleviated their staffing shortage but also provided invaluable assurance of a smooth and successful event ticketing experience for their customers.

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