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Let us Partner with You to Deliver Better Software Faster

Deliver Better Software With Our Expertly Trained QA/QE Professionals

Lacking Resources

Companies often find they lack appropriate QA resources.

Overwhelmed QA Team

Surges in projects outpaces the team, especially if your internal team or outsource QA contractor haven’t met your standards.

Scale Up

SQA² is here to help companies scale with US-based resources to fill your needs.

Highly Trained QE Experts

We are a highly trained team of experts backed by tools and our unique Software Quality as a Service (SQaaS) facility.

SQaaS Offering

SQaaS members support our on-site experts to rapidly create and maintain automated regression tests so you can scale up fast and deliver quality software day-in and day-out.


How We Enabled a Development Team to Deliver Better Software

A prominent player in Influential Marketing faced a critical juncture as they neared the beta release of their flagship product. Despite plans to assemble an internal QA team, they encountered challenges in securing suitable talent, risking potential delays in their release schedule.

In light of the impending deadline, they sought assistance from us. We swiftly deployed our team of Quality Engineering (QE) experts to seamlessly integrate with the development team. Our expertise proved invaluable in establishing robust testing methodologies and strategies to ensure readiness for the upcoming release.

Our proactive approach yielded significant results as they accelerated the development of an automation tool, leveraging existing QA automation frameworks to streamline testing processes and reduce manual effort. This empowered the QA team to execute their tasks efficiently and provide prompt feedback to the development team. Because of our support, the beta release was a resounding success, delivering the promised innovation to their clients and solidifying their position as industry leaders.

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