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BBT Principle: Keeping it Stupid Simple (KISS)

02 June, 2015 | Post by

The SQA2 Blog: BBT - Behavioral Based Testing

This next principle is one we’ve probably all heard at some point in our lives, the KISS rule. By now, you’ve probably gone through the basics of BBT. And you understand the first few principles and how outcomes, contexts and events all work together. Which is great; you’re on the right path to making your life easier by using BBT. This principle explores considering KISS when you utilize BBT. In the BBT world, this translates to Keeping it Stupid Simple. Sounds pretty basic right? That’s because it is, but just because it sounds basic doesn’t mean its easy or second nature to everyone.

When creating your BBT graphs, it’s very easy to overdo it. It can have too many contexts and outcomes thrown into one graph.  Or if there are just too many behaviors for a single feature. Never be afraid to start breaking things up. Clumping multiple behaviors together in one graph causes the majority of over-complicated graphs. You have to resist this common trap.

For example, a new feature was just developed that touches not only logging into an account but creating one as well. Just because they are handled in the same story or ticket, doesn’t mean they have to be done in the same graph. When you have simpler graphs they become easier to read, not only by the user (i.e. you), but the product owner as well. And because they are easier to read, making any adjustments becomes easier as well.

BBT is all about testing the behavior of each feature. You must utilize and design graphs in a clean and easy to read way to avoid losing behaviors. Once again applying the KISS rule keeps everyone happy. But remember it is very easy to fall into traps of over complicating things. You have to resist, “future you” will thank you for it. I encourage you to keep learning more about BBT and the other principals involved with making its usage easier.

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