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BBT Principle: Make it Business Readable

08 June, 2015 | Post by

The SQA2 Blog: BBT - Behavioral Based Testing

Make it Business Readable

After making the graph and tests tester executable, we now focus externally and ensure there is readability from a business perspective. The next principle is Make it Business Readable. As you know, Behavior Based Testing has its roots in Behavior Driven Development (BDD). The text-based nature of BDD’s feature files is one of the drawbacks of BDD. Getting the business to verify these is a challenge. BBT uses cause and effect graphing to give a visual representation of outcomes and the requirements needed to achieve them. This is awesome! Once graphically mapping the business’ requirements to the expected results in a consumable way, you can use your BBT graph for sign-off.

This principle allows you to take your graph to the business and go straight from sign-off to generation of your test cases, but this is all for naught if the business is unable to comprehend it. In the previous principle, you put yourself in another tester’s shoes. Here, you are putting yourself in the place of the business and looking at the graph from their perspective; making sure the graph is easily understood and verifiable. Remember, you are the expert on your business partner. How are they going to be able to consume it best without violating the other principles? That’s the essence of this principle.

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