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BBT Principle: Make it Tester Executable

03 June, 2015 | Post by

The SQA2 Blog: BBT - Behavioral Based Testing

Principle 5, Make it Tester Executable

…is about readability and executablility. The earlier principles focus on setting up your graph correctly. This principle deals with the syntax of your chart. In short, if a tester reads your graph and generates the test cases, can they manually execute the tests that result from the graph?

Why is this important? As we discussed in earlier tutorials, the methodology of Behavior Based Testing stands alone. The tool SQA² uses to implement it is completely separate. You should be able to manually execute the tests generated from the truth tables even if you are going to automate them later. In order to do this, you need to make sure the resulting tests can stand alone and do not need interpretation in order to be executed.

You use simple, straight-forward language for the contexts, events and outcomes. Thus, the test steps will generate in the above manner; whether you do them yourself or you let the engine do the work for you. By now, you have learned the first four principles and can organize your graph correctly. This principle helps you ensure any tester can execute the tests. The next tutorial will walk you through some practical exercises on what this looks like.

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