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SQA² Effectivity and Efficiency (E²) Assessment for QA

Get a Measure of your Quality Assurance Capabilities and a Roadmap to Improve
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Measure your Quality Assurance Ability

The science and art of software quality assurance has been evolving. The risk of defects and the pressure to ship software faster have heightened the need for both a fast and effective quality assurance team. SQA² E² Assessment offered to select companies provides a means to measure your teams abilities against the best in class to understand exactly your quality assurance strengths and weaknesses.

Information Gathering

When engaged, our evaluator will begin a two-week process. The process includes interviews with your QA and project teams, examine tools and processes you use along with test artifacts.

Analysis and Report

With the facts in hand, SQA² analyzes your abilities and compares against best in class in over 150 dimensions important to fast, high quality QA of your software. The report lays out the findings and the results.

The Roadmap

With the E² assessment in hand you’ll understand the most serious deficits and opportunities to improve your organizations practices. We’re experts in putting great processes and skills in place, but there is no commitment to use our services to improve your organization.

Request an Assessment

The SQA² E² Assessment will measure your internal abilities against best-in-class and give you a roadmap to measurably improve the speed and quality of your organization. We would like to help uplift your team but there is no obligation.

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