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Highly skilled and qualified professionals training you to become QA experts
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Quality Assurance Training

At SQA², we understand the struggles with lack of Quality Assurance training for both QA professionals and organizations alike. With this in mind, we offer training courses hosted at our very own Center of Excellence, which are conducted by highly skilled and qualified professionals.

View the courses below and click on “More Info” to sign up for a course that interests you.

Available Courses:

Course TitlePriceCourse DescriptionSchedule
Installing & Configuring VirtualBox for Testing Purposes
$850[Invitation Only]
VirtualBox allows you to install and run local virtual machines. This can allow anyone to run servers locally for development and testing. Learn how to install, configure, and utilize VirtualBox for testing purposes.
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Installing & Configuring CentOS
$850[Invitation Only]
Learn how to install and use CentOS in VirtualBox
More info
Install & Configure Apache Server
$850[Invitation Only]
Learn how to install and configure Apache Server to be used for hosting and deploying HTML websites
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Building & Testing a Responsive Website
$850[Invitation Only]
Learn how to create a responsive website using Bootstrap. Then learn how to test a responsive website.
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