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Clash of the Titans

17 January, 2014 | Post by

The SQA2 Blog: General

Most of you know that programmers and QA analysts clash. Programmers think QA analysts are nitpicking about every little thing that isn’t perfect and undermining them. QA believes that programmers are overpaid prima donnas who can’t write code that works in the first place. Let’s put our differences aside to improve relations between programmer and QA so the organization can have a team that functions better together.

Programmers and QA share a symbiotic relationship with one another. One does not exist without the other. If programmers do not complete their work, QA analysts have nothing to test. If QA analysts do not check the programmers work, defects will make it into the final product and the company might lose customers, money or their reputation as creators of quality software. QA needs developers and developers need QA. We can improve the QA/developer relationship in 2 easy steps.
Step One – Communication:

Communication is key in any relationship, be it personal or professional. Always keep the communication channels open.
Step Two – Compromise:

Programmers and QA must compromise in order to get work done. At one point or another, one party must compromise to the other. Do not consider this as “bowing down” to the other’s needs. Think of it as earning extra points to be cashed in later.

With these two step anyone can improve on any relationship. Both the QA teams and developers want a quality product. Let’s keep working towards that goal!

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